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    Neuroscience with Heart.

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    Train your Brain. Lead with Heart.

A Bit About Me...

Clare Monteau Ph.D is an organizational scientist specializing in neuroscience with heart. Her work in corporate productivity and leadership combines cutting-edge research and holistic practices to cultivate emotional intelligence, deliver results, and facilitate meaningful change.

All leadership is a choice.

Leading with heart is an adventure worth having.

Train your Brain. Lead with Heart.

Clare partners with science, tech and civil services organizations around the world, and has supported numerous state agencies and organizations.




  • "Clare is truly a masterful facilitator. I’m a acrostic to group programs and this course was managed so beautifully that I didn’t mind the group aspect of it at all.  I learned  during this well-paced course tools that I could understand and implement immediately. I saw how I could change my personality. I saw positive growth in personal and interpersonal relationships. This was life changing. I’ll be back for more." - Bernadette Pleasant Founder and CEO, The Emotional Institute

  • "I was privileged to take Clare's coaching course "Change Your Mind... Create New Results" 2 times!! I am in awe of her ability to explain complicated concepts with such clarity and simplicity. For me and my team it was a huge transformation on personal and professional levels. We are eagerly looking forward to the new heights this program has put ahead of us." - Mila Schneiderman, Founder and Director at Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch, Inc

  • "Clare was knowledgeable, friendly, and totally connected to her audience. The material and information were presented in a clear, concise manner and I was able to immediately use what I had learned when I returned to my desk after the class. My time management skills have improved immensely; I would highly recommend this course."

  • "A very knowledgeable instructor who has excellent communication skills. She was able to make amorphous information and concepts seem concrete and understandable."

  • "Clare provided us with many tools that will help me manage my time more efficiently. This is one of the BEST trainings I have ever attended!"

  • "This was a perfectly organized workshop with objectives that were straightforward and easy to understand. The activities were and Dr. Monteau was an excellent instructor/facilitator. All of the recommendations have self-evident and value."

  • "Clare broke down the complicated science of HeartMath to easily understandable information. From our one session I felt readily equipped to handle the intense stressors of my day with a new tool, bringing me an increased sense of ease and renewed focus. Clare is a relatable, engaging, highly intelligent instructor and I hope more and more people have an opportunity to share in her amazing work." - JoAnne W.

  • "Clare facilitated a complicated process improvement project for my company. As a 45 year old non-profit we had processes in place with entrenched ownership. Clare was masterful at helping the team break through and make the changes necessary to gain greater efficiencies." - Maureen O.

  • "Clare has the ability to share the science and hold space as I connect to my own self awareness ... Clare's coaching has been vital to the new awarenesses I have needed to make conscious changes in both my personal and business life. Clare has been great in offering me the support as well as science so I could understand my own resistances and change the things that are causing much anxiety, much I was unaware of before. She understands business and how to implement steps for positive changes." - Kathleen G.

  • "It was a pleasure working with Clare. She brought creativity and structure to a difficult ideation/brainstorming session that I wanted to have with the team internally. She led the session really well, making sure all the voices are heard without disrupting the flow. Her business ethics and communication also made it very easy to work with her. I would not hesitate to hire her again for such initiatives." - Ammar B.

  • "Clare is gifted at understanding what's needed to create the ideal experience for all participants- facilitator included. She's tactful yet fearless in distilling the information I share with her and creating events where the information is the perfect amount to be understood and integrated. I'm grateful for the many times I've worked with Clare in different circumstances and have gotten to witness her quiet yet powerful genius." - Leah Fisch, High Performance Mentor for Neurodiverse Humans