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Clare Monteau is an organizational scientist specializing in neuroscience with heart - a signature approach to productivity, leadership and fulfillment in the workplace. Clare is an expert at applying holistic principles to organizations and their executive teams to cultivate emotional intelligence, deliver results and facilitate meaningful change.

Equal parts left and right brained, Clare pairs her Ph.D in Chemistry from University of Manchester, Everything DiSC® partner and facilitator, and NeuroChangeSolutions consultant expertise with 20+ years of mind/body wisdom study and practice. This unique combination creates a workshop experience unlike any other in the professional development industry.

Clare’s trainings are recognized by their engaging, actionable, and transformative impact. She maintains the philosophy that “once you train your brain and your heart to become allies, everything becomes possible.” Those who have participated in Clare’s workshops exclaim things like: “This was one of the most fulfilling trainings I have had in my 30 year career.”

As a female leader in science and tech sectors, she is particularly attuned to the needs of male-dominated industries and those who work within them. She leads in-person and virtual trainings and workshops globally.

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What people are saying about this workshop:

  • "Three weeks after the training I am still using the powerful yet incredibly simple tools I learned to help my mind relax, let go or completely transform thought patterns that were causing me suffering. My biggest takeaway is how easy it is to make changes that barely seemed possible. Clare is a wonderful facilitator who gave each of us the kind of attention that makes the learning go deep. I recommend her work highly and can’t wait to do more!"
  • "I didn’t know much about the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza before this training. That didn’t matter. The work was laid out clearly and powerfully. It’s remarkable how simple it is, yet how transformative. Clare is a great guide, who is living the tools of Dr. Joe. She is warm, thoughtful, and a skilled leader! This training helps you put attention on your thoughts and start to make huge shifts that can have lasting impact. I’m grateful to have discovered this when I truly needed it."
  • "When I signed up for the class experience I didn’t know much about it. I trusted Clare has a friend, teacher and leader - and it was more than I could have imagined. Clare showed me how simple change can be, yet how life changing. Clare is a wonderful, grounded and skilled leader and host. I’m truly grateful to have been able to take this course and have it led by someone who is so wise."