The journey of leading

with heart takes courage and

an ever evolving skillset.

Organizational Trainings

Do you notice that:

  • Different personalities and conflict are getting in the way of reaching your organization’s goals?
  • Deadlines and commitments are missed, while overwhelm and stress increases?
  • Inspiration and motivation are lacking, leading to low morale, high turnover or change resistance?

Let’s work together-delivering the latest understanding of the brain and human behavior, developing critical skills — such as time-management, prioritization, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and coaching — to empower individuals and teams in your organization, and create an environment where problems are solved, relationships flourish and productivity grows.

I also offer short (usually 1h) introductory workshops for groups, either in person or virtually, at no cost.

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Upcoming Workshops

Change Your Mind…Create New Results

In this powerful, interavtive neuroscience-based training program designed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, learn how to make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

If you are looking to lead yourself and/or others through change, to create a stronger more engaged and resilient workforce, or want to give yourself the tools to create sustained changes in your own life, this course is for you.

Bring your biggest challenges and habits, and leave knowing how to change your thinking and lead your teams to success.

In four, 3 hour virtual sessions, you will:

  • Learn 2 models for change based on neuroscience
  • Discover what it means to "live in survival or creation"
  • Understand the "three brains" and their role in the change process
  • Apply each of these principles to affect your own personal change
  • Learn 4 tools to support your journey
  • Learn how to change your brainwaves for optimal performance
  • How to design your successful future self
  • create a 30 day plan to integrate your learning

Watch an introduction to the program here.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Mon November 9th 9am-1200pm EST
  • Tue November 10th 9am-1200pm EST
  • Thursday November 12th 9am-1200pm EST
  • Friday November 13th 9am-1200pm EST

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